Bud Vase

Bud Vase

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These vases are a great addition to a modern home, and a definite conversation-starter. 

The base of each piece is tapered so that the vessels always sit at an angle and have the ability to rock on edge.

These vases are neat to watch on an outdoor table when they become kinetic in the wind. Whether empty or full of water and flowers, the nature of the form will not allow the vase to tip over.

The vases are about 5" wide at the base and 6" tall. Each piece is free-hand formed using metal tools and without the use of a mold, so every vase will vary slightly.

Pair 3 or 5 color shades as a dynamic centerpiece or table runner.

Available in 16 DELISHious colors! (black and white are available but not pictured at this time)

Please choose from the color options available in the last photo.